Choosing Whether To Go With A Portable Or Permanent Motorcycle Shed Solution

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Choosing Whether To Go With A Portable Or Permanent Motorcycle Shed Solution

Choosing whether to go with a portable or permanent motorcycle shed solution

If you’re serious about making sure that your motorcycle is always protected from all of the elements – both natural and human – then you need to invest in a proper motorcycle shed solution. And while it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that you need a motorcycle shed to make sure your bike is always safe when not out on the road, making the right choice to find the proper motorcycle shed for your specific needs can be anything but simple.

With so many different options on the marketplace today, it can be almost impossible and terribly frustrating to try and maneuver through everything available today. With seemingly almost endless amounts of options, it becomes a lot simpler to select the proper motorcycle shed for your specific needs when you divvy them up into two specific groups: portable motorcycle sheds and permanent motorcycle sheds.

Both of these options have pros and cons and will make perfect sense for many people. We’ve created this simple motorcycle shed guide with the express purpose of helping you decide exactly which one is right for you. When you’re done reading we would encourage you to look at the motorcycle shed options we have available or contact our professionals to assist you in making this choice as easy as possible.

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Portable motorcycle sheds

Amazingly versatile and easy to build, extend, and tear down to relocate, portable sheds are one of the smartest options for people who are looking for a more temporary solution for storing their bike. Always a cheaper option than a full-blown permanent structure, you can often get at least 75% or more of the same features permanent motorcycle sheds enjoy for far less than half the cost. Usually constructed out of tarp like materials around flexible frames that assemble inside of just a few short hours, these are often lightweight and super maneuverable to relocate at your convenience.

The real problem with portable sheds is that they are very often not ready for serious weather conditions and are almost always too terribly easy to break into if a criminal has a mind to. These are two serious drawbacks to the portable shed solution, and are well worth considering before you decide to save some extra money.

Permanent motorcycle sheds

Specifically designed and constructed to be a permanent residence for your motorcycle, most people have found that a portable motorcycle shed is the perfect addition to their home or land. Offering you the ability to construct a weather tight and super secure location to keep your bike and all of your riding gear, permanent structures are often the smart decision for people in cold-weather climates or those who are uncomfortable with the shortcomings of a portable shed.

The obvious drawback here is that they take longer to construct and are always more expensive and (obviously) permanent solutions. When you construct a bit motorcycle shed its a lot of work to tear down or relocate it.

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